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Talk on the Phone Professionally. Clarifying Things.

  • Talking on the phone or conference calling is an essential part of your job?

  • You only have to make or answer phone calls in English from time to time?

  • The quality of the call is poor or you just miss out on something that someone said?

To help you we’ve put together this amazing guide of 15 must-know phrases you can use for Clarifying Things on a Phone Call/ Checking / Not understanding / Dealing with communication problems.

1. Could you speak more slowly, please?

2. Could you repeat that, please?

3. Would you mind spelling that for me, please?

4. Could you explain that in another way, please?

5. I’m afraid I didn’t get that.

6. I’m sorry – I didn’t catch that. Could you please repeat yourself?

7. I’m sorry – do you mean to say [identify what you understand]?

8. Just to clarify, you said…

9. Would you mind slowing down?

10. Would you mind speaking a little more slowly?

11. Can I check that back?

12. Sorry, could you say that again (a little more slowly)?

13. Sorry, can you repeat the first word/ the last part/…?

14. … Is that right?

15. Just to doublecheck,…

Memorise these important important telephoning phrases & make your life easier.

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