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Oil painting master class

- duration 3 hours

- the cost is UAH 580

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March 24, 2021
13:00 Palace of Arts, 17 Kopernika Street


This time we will create our masterpieces drawing inspiration from the famous and cool masterpiece

French Impressionist Claude Monet's "Red Boats".

  • We are creating our new reality together today.

  • We enjoy life by drawing and we draw by enjoying life.

  • Talented artists are with you throughout the process of creating your new masterpiece.

A professional artist will help you discover your creative potential, create a unique work of art and get a whole range of positive emotions and impressions. Working with the artist, you will easily master the techniques of oil painting and get acquainted with the intricacies of the artistic process, which will help you form your own recognizable style.

Regardless of your level of training, drawing skills and age, we guarantee you:
- Creative atmosphere
- Excellent result
- Individual approach to everyone
- Quality professional materials and convenient tools that we have already prepared for you!

What to take with you?
We recommend to capture only a good mood and desire to create!

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Oil painting master class

Lviv, Kopernyka Street, 17

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